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Luna's Parlour

New - Repurposed - New to You

Luna's Parlour is a concept in the making. We launched in 2020 - right at the start of the COVID pandemic shut down - with our Everlasting Bonsai. COVID didn't stop us. We found outdoor shows and experimented with online marketplaces. We started building our online presence. And we continue to experiment to see what works. We want to bring just a little more joy and beauty to all of our customers.

The heart and soul of our business is the one-of-a-kind Everlasting Bonsai trees we make. No two trees are the alike. We source our tree materials from U.S. based suppliers AND we're constantly on the look out for rocks, minerals, or items to upcycle for our unique bases. Sometimes we even wander the woods and streams looking for just the perfect rock for the next creation. Custom orders are welcome. Contact us if you have something in mind. 

As we're growing, we're also adding items that our customers tell us they love - all sourced from US-based wholesales and fellow creative-types. We believe in small business supporting small businesses. When we find unique and interesting spiritual and metaphysical items, we try to bring them into our online shop or offer them exclusively at events. If you'd like us to consider adding your unique work, contact us!

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