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Custom Orders: getting back to the basics

This faerie tree was a custom order for a client who found me at a show. Actually, her sister bought her a faerie tree at the event...but then decided to keep it for herself. So, the client reached out to me to see if I could make her an amethyst faerie tree - after all, what's a girl to do when her sister takes her stuff!

Large or small, it doesn't matter -- every order is something special. This tree is is tone of my favorites. The super smooth surface of the base challenged even the best adhesives. This order brought me back to the basics. Yes, it's a custom order and I wanted it to be super special. The challenges with the adhesives gave me a great reminder: go back to the basics. And voila! When I stopped trying to be "so extra" (as my kids would say), everything came together perfectly. Did I turn a profit on this job? Probably not. But it was a great lesson learned on the journey into the business of arts and crafts.

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