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No one tells you how tired you get running a small business......

Meet Hank...another one of our rescues which is a long story for another blog. His snoozles make me want to snooze!

So, I have a day job. Something that pays the bills and enables me to live. Luna's Parlour is something I've wanted to do for a very long time - a place where I can create and provide beautiful items to people who will appreciate them. But WOW is it exhausting! I work a 45-60 hour day job, and then devote my weekends and at least 3 evenings per week to getting this business up and running. And have I ever learned a lot.

I've learned how to navigate the business registration process (yes, I have my own EIN and am an officially an LLC). I've scoured for shows to try (even in the midst of a pandemic). I'm testing different products at a craft and antique mall in which I have a small stand (hugely insightful). And....I set up my own website, created my online store and integrated that store with my Facebook and Instagram sites, and added a blog. And did I mention finding free accounting software and managing my books? Don't get me started on sales tax. Phew!

Seriously though, it's been almost a year of non-stop learning. I've made many mistakes. Events were canceled. I've had really good and really bad months at the craft and antique mall. I'm in this for the long haul though. Constant learning and adjusting is something every small business owner needs...and 2020, of all years, has been one filled with adjustments.

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