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Phew! What a Spring!

The world is reopening! It's so exicting to be out and about at shows. It's been a busy spring for Luna's Parlour. We did more shows this spring than we did in 2020...and we have loads more coming starting in July. We took a few weeks off to create! I was gifted and then found several really cool items to use as bases for my everlasting bonsai. Believe me when I say I haven't seen any other tree artist use some of the base styles I'll be brining to the July shows. Stay tuned there while I completely geek out over making these new everlasting bonsai lovelies.

And more importantly, this spring marks a major milestone. My youngest graduates from high school! And, his HS baseball team is headed to Regionals (go Cats!). This is a major time in all our lives here at LP. My kids are headed into adulthood and learning what the future holds in store for them. I'm headed into being an (almost) empty nester with the hubby, our 3 dogs, and cat (who thinks he's 1/2 dog). It's an exciting time here filled with uncertainty, change, and art of the possible.

For Luna's Parlour, it means finding balance between my day job and doing events for this business. It's going to take time but my goal is to grow this little single artist business into something bigger and better over the next several years. I don't know where the world will take us as empty nesters; wherever we land we have plans to create a wonderful community around the concept of affordable, beautifully crafted works. We hope you'll continue to follow us on our journey.

Bear with me as I navigate a hectic and crazy June 2021. We may not be out and about at shows but you can still find us at Henna Leaf and Town Peddler....and of course online here. We'll see you at events in July!

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