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Repurposing Found Items

I am a huge fan of estate sales and thrift shops. So many unique items might be found to refurbish or to use in new, unique ways. An ornate bronze-tone candle holder might become the next base for a new Luna's Parlour creation. Or an old set of wooden bowls are cleaned and polished for a large work. Or a large found rock is cleaned up to serve as a natural foundation.

Even in my own home I've repurposed used items. We moved a couple of years ago and I found several excellent pieces of furniture at estate sales either in great condition or in need of a little refinishing. I saved thousands of dollars sourcing this way. Some items were no longer made and matched older pieces I owned.

The key to estate sales and thrifting is to keep your eyes open for possibilities. Sure, there's people who do this to turn around and sell items on eBay or at fairs. If you're a creator there's loads of possibilities awaiting you for pennies compared to buying new. Which is great for helping keep some of you costs down -- our biggest cost drivers are time and materials!

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