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Small business supporting...small business

So it's a sleepy, overcast Sunday

morning....what better way to get your attention than with a snoozing Hank and Luna? Oh the life of our fur friends!

Through this pandemic, I've come to appreciate the little guy (like Luna's Parlour). Whether it's a full-time job or a second side job, small businesses give so much to the community. When we can, small businesses sponsor local youth activities (Go Wildcats baseball!), we participate in local events, we connect local businesses to each other, and we try to shop local and small ourselves (even if we do occassionally need Amazon!).

One of my new favorite small shops is Henna Leaf (click the leaf to go to their site). First, the owners are absolutely wonderful. They've created a space that is safe, warm, inviting, unique and much needed in our community. I love their philosophy of small buisness supporting other small businesses. Henna Leaf is curating the works of local artists, craftspersons and creators including woodworkers, potters, fiber artists, and natural product makers (lotions, soaps, bath salts, etc....and believe me they're delightful!). Plus they offer a selection of incense, herbs, and other natural and spiritual products. Their store may be small, but their intentions are big and bold.

Luna's Parlour is proud to say that we will be one of the artists at Henna Leaf (look for us around May 1, 2021). The store's philosophy is shared with our own. Stay as natural as possible. Reuse, recycle, upcycle. Be yourself. Celebrate what's uniquely you. Be part of something greater that unites us all. Shop small and support your local small businesses that do so much to give back and celebrate the community.

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