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Small business supporting small business

No fancy pictures today. Just my heartfelt thanks to all the small business who have supported me and to those that I support for going on this journey with me!

My absolutely favorite podcast launched an eNewsletter awhile ago (ok, I'm not caught up yet without having my usual commute to the day job). I was super excited when they added a small business spotlight! AND, they picked Luna's Parlour for May 2022. THANK YOU And That's Why We Drink (better known at ATWWD). Christine & Em, you've created an amazing, welcoming community. And sorry Em, I'm kind of team wine ( & lemon. But I do love me a good milkshake.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out their podcast! And start from the beginning. It's awesome to see how Christine & Em (and Eva too!) have evolved in their podcasting. They need to get back to Detroit so I can see them live one day and vibe in the IRL community!

Thank you to small businesses, like ATWWD for supporting other small businesses. We can't thank you enough. And one day, I hope I can return the favor by growing this little business enough to become a show sponsor!

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